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Handprint Ornament Workshop
Handprint Ornament Workshop
Handprint Ornament Workshop
Handprint Ornament Workshop
Handprint Ornament Workshop
Handprint Ornament Workshop
Handprint Ornament Workshop

    Handprint Ornament Workshop


      Yay! You're Here!



      Welcome To Your Newest Adventure!

      Every year, we celebrate Christmas in our community by hosting handprint ornament events. We bless our families with the income we earn. The families that we serve are also blessed with gifts and memories that they'll cherish forever! These are a huge success for us, and we want to teach you how to do it, too!



      What Can This Workshop Do For You?

      Business Coaching From The Queen

      Tiffany has filmed a collection of how-to videos that are immediately ready for you within the workshop.  Not only does she explain the "how," but she also details the "why."


      LIVE Step By Step Painting Tutorials For Each Design

      Tiffany takes out the guesswork!  Learn how to paint these handprints in bulk as she goes live within the group! She will teach you to provide these to the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time with her assembly-line techniques. 


      Bow and Ornament Assembly LIVE with Trisha

      Learn how Trisha assembles the ornaments, what supplies she uses, and how she uses the wire and bow material to finish the ornament in two easy steps! Watch live so you can ask questions in real time!


      No Detail Left Behind

      The Queens have held lots of parties in the past!  Let their hard work and experience go to work for you!  They have everything you need listed from start to finish!  You can feel confident knowing you're learning from years of experience!


      Publicity and Paperwork

      All the forms you need to advertise, book, and host your own handprint ornament party have already been created for you!  With these editable files, you can start your new business as soon as TODAY!


      Unlimited Access to the Pros

      Trisha, Tiffany, and Brittney will be available to answer any questions you may have!  You can feel confident knowing that they will be accessible to you every step of the way, to see you through to success!




      This one-time fee is your ticket to our handprint ornament group from now to forever!  Any new designs or perks provided in the group will be immediately accessible to you as a lifetime member!

      This is a Virtual Workshop. All Classes, Lessons, and Materials Will Be Provided via Private Facebook Group.